Friday, September 03, 2004

Yes, Luntz Gives More Biased Focus Group Fodder

"Swing" voters in Cincinnati are Conservatives nearly everywhere else. Frank Luntz's spin from Cincinnati is more of the same. What was funny is this quote from the GOP stronghold of Anderson Township:
Patricia Kraps, a 44-year-old human resources supervisor from Anderson Township, said the speech was positive because "It wasn't negative."
I guess she missed the rest of the primetime speakers at the RNC Convention.

Reporter Greg Korte gets kudos for giving us truth:
To be sure, the focus group leaned right of center - a reflection of a mostly conservative base in southwestern Ohio. But with very few swing voters in play - pollsters say the number is 4 percent to 8 percent of Ohio voters - Bush can't afford even a few defections from weak Republicans.
MSGOP gets another shot or did Frank just pull the wool over timid NBC's eyes?

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