Monday, September 20, 2004

Civil Discourse: Dead or Just a Myth That Never Was?

The Mind Village has a blog on politics worth reading and has a post that should embarrass every West Chester Republican, as well as all Republicans. This is the simmering pot just looking to boil over. The tensions, hate, anger, fear, and senseless pride are flowing in people, and something is going to give somewhere. I saw some asshole at Oktoberfest ask for Kerry stickers from a woman passing them out and then right in front of her he slammed them on his ass and said "this is where they belong." I can understand people having strong political opinions. I surely have them and vent them often with lots of shrill venom in words, but confronting someone in person is in a whole different league. This guy did it out of pure spite, not just a drunken act. He was around 50 years old, setting oh such a great example for the young GOP Stormtroopers in attendance.

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