Monday, September 13, 2004

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls

The Prosecutor's race gone from a middle of the road 3 ring circus to the world's Biggest Big Top. Where the hell did Joe Deters come from? I guess the GOP needed Sir Galahad to save the day. We have so many points to make this a flaming pile of pooh, that is just too juicy not to sink your teeth into.

  1. Deters Moves to the county just to run for office. This is what I call Office Shopping.
  2. Allen will not seek re-election, but he did not resign.
  3. The Dems have not yet endorsed anyone.
  4. Ken Lawson is out.
  5. Jody Luebbers and Fanon Rucker are in.
  6. James Rueger is in, but likely will be lost in Deters dust.
  7. Melissa Powers is also in. I have no idea who she is other than "former assistant county prosecutor ." WLWT says she is a Republican.
  8. Deters thinks this will affect the Presidential race. What a joke.
  9. Deters is not going to resign as State Treasurer until the Prosecutor job is open? Who the hell is going to be State Treasurer if Deters wins? Are they going to try a bait and switch? Could it work? Could Deters be elected, then not take office and the GOP be allowed to appoint someone? Allen was appointed after all when Deters won the Treasurer's job.
  10. I can be thankful that Deters is running and not Simon Leis. That would have been hell.
  11. Few seem to be thinking about what a mess the local election officials will have with counting the ballots. Numbers will be high with the National election. This will create the need for more room for error or for manipulation. How do you write in a candidate on an electronic voting machine?

News roundup: Enquirer, Post, WCPO, WLWT, WKRC.

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