Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Spy Club Closing

I never went there. I never wanted to go to there. I never will go there, but Spy Club is closing. Something will take its place. The old owner is going to open something else, somewhere else. The fickle tendency of trendy night clubs ebbs and flows like Red Bull down the chin of a drunken club chick.

I applaud Spy Club for lasting 5 years. Club Clau is likely eating big time into their business. Can Cincinnati support two Clau type clubs?

I want a bar for news junkies, complete with TV trained on 24 hour news from around the world and a PC where I could just sit on my ass drink beer and blog running commentary on transgressions of drunk people trying to get laid. I am dreaming, but a live blog at a bar that was on the bar's website as well as on big screen in the bar, that might work. An idea that maybe Nick Spencer could use?

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