Tuesday, September 14, 2004


In reading some of the comments I come away flabbergasted that people still think Bush is some ‘honest’ guy with a 'good' character. This is so misguided it is sad. If you think Bush's choices in governance are good, then fine, but to say how he has acted in office is of good character is laughable. If you think that anyone who 'won' an election under at best less than ideal circumstances (where more people voted against him) and then proceeded to govern as if those others opinions did not exist, then I think you need to rethink what honor and character mean. Ignoring the how he was elected and acting like he won in a landslide is the clearly the least honorable thing he has done. Well, that and misleading the county into war, but if you think the ends justify the means, I guess you will love this guy.

He also did, well, a shit load of other crap, but I think people can get my point.

Now, other than being a conservative Christian, what value has Bush put on the US, that other conservatives would stand up and cheer about? Budgets are going nuts. We have more poor people (they may not care). The rest of the world hates us (they may like that). What keeps the Bush people supporting him? Simple, they want to keep power on the right. That is comprehendible, but more cynical even than me.

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