Thursday, September 30, 2004

Bush Vs. Kerry I

Tonight is the beginning of the spin machine's zenith that lasts for about 30 days or so. I expect nothing from this debate but posturing and really trite focus group approved phrases.

Bush will say little. Kerry will hit him hard. The press will blather about style until the sun comes up tomorrow, never giving a damn about the substance. The press will onced again give Bush a pass on his Iraq policy, not challenging it, not dare speaking ill of the man that people find "likeable." After all, when fighting wars, being liked it the most important thing. I mean Patton's soldiers loved him. (cough, cough).

I plan on watching the debate at an undisclosed location (bar). I will not be playing any drinking games, but Bush mention Osama Bin Laden everyone must do about 50 shots. That is an ├╝ber 'social.'

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