Monday, September 06, 2004

Thumbs Up for Bigotry!

Here I present the darker side to Riverfest. Well, there were many darker sides: mis-clothed people, drunken idiots, stupid people, and way too much Lynard Skynard. What this demonstrates is the bigotry that simmers under the surface of this country. This man was right outside one of the entrances to the Riverfest yesterday. He was registering people to vote and giving out Bush/Cheney Stickers. As I passed by, telling the guy this picture was very "blogable," I heard a woman tell the man "good job." I retorted, in my oh so witty way, "good job? Jeesh!" That fixed her wagon, let me tell you. I walked right inside and got my Kerry/Edwards sticker for a very pleasant looking non-anti-gay woman and went on my merry way.

Do non-anti-gay people who are voting for Bush really just ignore the anti-gay issues? I guess since they are not gay, they just don't care? Yes, I know there are issue that we all compromise when voting for people, and yes Kerry is against gay marriage, but he does not seek to keep Gays as second class citizens by his support for Civil Unions. Bush's admend could have supported that, if he really wanted equal rights for homosexuals. I don't think he does. I would bet this guy in the picture would not want it either.

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