Thursday, September 16, 2004

Rucker V. Deters

All reports indicate that in the end the race for Hamilton County Prosecutor will boil down to Fanon Rucker (D) verses Joe Deters (R).

Deters is whining about something, that well was never covered very much by the local press, until now.
Deters' former chief of staff, Matthew Borges, and former fund-raiser Eric Sagun pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in July.
So while prosecutor he missed the fact that one of his staff was stealing money from the evidence inventory, and while Treasurer his chief of staff broke campaign finance laws. This is the guy who is leaving statewide office to come back to a lowly countywide office, and people really want to vote for him?

Rucker is getting attacked as well, but since it is from the Boycott B, I treat it with, well, just a little bit of skepticism.

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