Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Ohio Poll

The UC Poll is out (pdf) and it does not favor Kerry. Carl Weiser gives the poll a big positive spin for Bushco. What no one seems to be looking at is a big number change from last month's poll and this months. The polling sample dropped from 812 to 456. That is a drop of 43.8% in sample size. We are not provided with the number of Dems vs. Reps. polled so comparison to Gallup is not available.

I know no one ever really reads the details of polls, we after all a society of lazy slugs, but it these numbers are in plainly in a chart on the UC press release. It also states that the poll was taken from September 12th - 17th, right after the 9/11 anniversary and the media spectacle. Complaining about polls is something I am not alone it and both sides complain, but I would think these two facts would be taken into consideration before someone rights a headline on a Press Release that does not use "Surges," but we have to have a big verb to get attention.

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