Thursday, September 23, 2004

Challenge for Kerry Supporters

I hope that every Kerry Supporter in the city goes to the Bush ally up in VOA park in West Chester. Do not cause trouble at all. Where your Kerry T-Shirts, or other Kerry Stickers, or make it know up front you are Kerry Supporter. Take a video camera. Document if they let you in and how you are threatened by local police, local security, and other people if you actually are let inside. I think you need a ticket to get in, but why not choose this time to visit the park?

DO NOT CAUSE ANY VIOLENCE. You can raise your voices in opposition at appropriate times, but do not be rude, unless others are rude to you. AGAIN, DO NOT CAUSE ANY VIOLENCE. DO NOT BREAK ANY LAWS. If GOP staffers or local police (same thing?) choose to violate your rights, don't resist. Just record what happens.

Document the entire event. Picture yourself being witness to the Nuremberg rallies of the 1930's. Pay attention to the speakers before Bush, those who don't make the cameras. Listen to the hate, and then see Bush agree to it by his silence.

Will I be there? No, I am going out of town tomorrow on family business for several days. I would have to work anyway, which is not that far from the event.

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