Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I hear many Bush supporters talking about fighting terrorism and from that I would follow they fear terrorists. Ok, fine. Who do they fear will attack them? Who do they think in Iraq circa March 2003 was going to attack them?

I don't want to hear the idiots who still think al Qaeda was working with Iraq, just please don't bother with that myth. What terrorists were stopped by invading Iraq? What terrorists in Iraq could attack the USA? Now, I am sure the right-wingers are still dying to shout out Iraq was link to Osama, but nope. That is part of the propaganda their president and his minions created to make fear their political motivator of choice.

Fear is Bush's hope. Bush is betting that people fearing terrorism will vote for him more than Kerry. He does this because he is willing to use a war that has nothing to do with 9/11, and then make it all the same thing. Unless that same thing is a religious crusade against all Muslims, then they are apples and oranges. There are some who want to wipe out Muslims. I wonder how many of those people are in the government, and how many are just talk radio nuts. Some days I can't tell the difference.

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