Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bronson Circle Jerk

For some unknown reason Peter Bronson is patting himself and his fellow Republicans on the back for getting a lot of people to come see Bush speak in a town that is likely the most Republican in the state. If Bush had real power in this area he would have gotten them to come downtown, but of course the suburban GOP seeks to kill the city, or at least wall it off from their lily white cul-de-sacs.

If they couldn't do this, then Bush would be in trouble. Doing this is no great political feet. Logistically it was a challenge, but getting Fanatical Republicans to come a tent revival for St. Dubya is like shooting fish in a barrel, or selling beer at an AA meeting, or getting agreement with the comment "Down with Muslims" at the Office of Special Plans in the Defense Department.

The rest of the local coverage was of course drivel. Local Dems got a paragraph with a sentence quote from Luken. That was it. Why not at least put all of Luken's response online? This area is not 90% GOP and 10% Nazi, we have liberal voices. The coverage of this event is unfortunately evidence of why local newspapers need real competition. If we are going to have partisan papers that cater to the right wing, then we need one on the left. The newspaper market prevents that and media deregulation makes it easier for one paper towns to exist. We are barely more than a one paper town, and in a few years that is likely all we shall be.

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