Monday, September 13, 2004

County Prosecutor Race - A Mess

I have no idea who the Dems will support today as a write in candidate. We have three possibilities: City Councilman John Cranley, former Assistant Prosecutor Jody Luebbers and attorney Fanon Rucker. All I know is that by the end of the business day they will pick one.

Believe it or not but Ken Lawson thinks he could actually win, or I assume that since he announced he may run. How do you really announce you may run? I guess formed a 3 day exploratory committee, or something of the like. WKRC states he is a registered Republican (but they use a small "r"). That for some reason does not surprise me. Lawson entrance without any endorsement will split the black vote and the Dems will likely not win. The person with most ads and the smartest people who can understand how to write a candidate in will win.

Mike Allen still does not have the guts to resign and the GOP still has not publicly asked him to quit. I guess winning is more important than honor. This was the party that said only the Dems did that (yep about Clinton), so I guess the pragmatism is spread around evenly.

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