Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bronson: Just Making It Up

Ok, I guess Bronson no longer has an editor with bullshit like this:
Moore claims Attorney General John Ashcroft lost his Senate race to a "dead guy.'' False. Ashcroft narrowly lost to Mel Carnahan's widow, Jean. Despite apparent voter fraud, Ashcroft refused to challenge the results.
What name was on the ballot Mr. Bronson? Where is your proof of "apparent voter fraud?" Now he just makes stuff up? Why does he not mention who his UC student contact is? Is he Young Republican? I bet he is. We can't have a Republican activist offended now can we? At least he finally is on UC, instead of using emails from Miami's GOP club as the basis of his columns.

Now, this column is just typical Bronson. All claim, and NO FACT. He can point to a "list", but can't site a single source for any of his claims. He can't even give a link for the right-wing group from which he pilfered half of his column. It is typical of him to ride on Jean Carnahan. Attacking Widows, as long as they are Democrats, is just peachy for hack conservative columnists.

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