Thursday, September 09, 2004

Questions For Dick

VP Dick Cheney and his wife are in town today for a "town hall" meeting to take questions from prescreened loyal republicans. If Dick had any balls he would take questions from someone like myself. If he is tough he could take them, but his boss reportedly is wimping out on answering people's questions too. Here is a list that anyone going to the event can feel free to steal and ask Dick:
  1. Using specific examples, please demonstrate how Iraq posed a direct threat to the United States at any point in the week leading up to the start of the Iraq war in March of 2003.
  2. Using specific examples, please demonstrate how Iraq coordinated any actions or efforts with Osma Bin Laden or other groups with known financial ties to the loosely defined entity called "Al Qaeda" before the United States invaded Iraq in March of 2003.
  3. When claiming Iraq possessed WMD in the months/weeks/days leading up the invasion of Iraq did you, the President, and other White House decision makers play up the evidence of the existence of said WMD or did you horribly misjudge the situation?
  4. Beyond the fact that the WMD's possessed by Iraq before Gulf War I (in 1991) were not accounted for completely, was there any other credible evidence that Iraq possessed WMD at any time after inspectors left in 1998?
  5. Why do you refuse to list which non-governmental persons attended meetings, some call lobbying sessions, regarding the Administration's Energy Policy back in 2001. If you don't refuse to do so, then who attended those meetings? Did Ken Lay attend?
  6. Why have you not required your employees (namely your chief of staff) to state under oath if they leaked the name of the CIA agent to the press or not?
  7. What reports, research, advise, intelligence, summaries, data, pictures, or other information did the Office of Special Plans in the Defense Department give you, your office, anyone working for you, or anyone else in the White House regarding Iraq, WMD, terrorism, Saddam Hussein, or anything else?
That is just a little to get him warmed up. I know I would not get any answers, and since I think any honest answers are going to hurt their image, I am sure these questions would not be answered truthfully.

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