Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Blackwell Losing Focus

Ken Blackwell had better keep a special eye on the Hamilton County race for Prosecutor.: "'There are 88 counties in Ohio, and 68 use punch cards - and I've got to make sure we don't suffer the embarrassment of Florida in 2000,' Blackwell said, referring to the recount four years ago that delayed presidential election results."A county of the size of Hamilton with a race with only write in candidates and a local GOP itching to do its damnedest to win for their Fearless Leader® should be something to catch a little extra attention from the Secretary of State. We are going to have a mess here at the board of elections. We will have to count these by hand. That is something the GOP thinks is evil after all, so we can't trust it no matter what. We need a state official observing our election. Blackwell should station a team in the county on November 2nd and oversee how vote counts and poll workers operate, assuring no fraud occurs.

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