Wednesday, September 01, 2004


It is a lie to call Zell Miller a Democrat. The guy is more Republican than 4/5ths of the primetime speakers at the convention. He disgusted me. I don't mind a Republican saying what they will, fine. That is their convention, that is their choice. What is bullshit is Miller pretending to be a Democrat. He is not. He is what I can call a traitor, especially after his speech tonight. He spewed nothing but crap attacks on Kerry and then kneeling at the foot of Bush.

What is worse is that Miller is a lame duck. The Dems can't do a thing. What is brutal about Miller is how he turned on the Dems. It is like the guy has a hardon for Bush. I mean what could make you turn that fast??? Well, fear of Muslims could do it. Fear and hate, that is. I wonder if he favors a crusade too? Artios had it best:
Wow, I never thought Zell would be able to improve on the original German version of Pat Buchanan's '92 speech, but he did.
Goosestepper's unite!

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