Monday, September 27, 2004

Bush's Visit

I don't remember any news stories about this before 2001, but did school dismiss school early so kids could see President Clinton? I doubt it. He came through town and spoke many times. There may be other Democratic towns where school days where altered for Clinton or even Kerry. If the event were at a school, fine, let the kids go. I do not think an entire school district should reduce the school day so that Bush can have a better photo opportunity. If this was in 2001 or 2002 before the campaign, I would not care so much. This is the use of public schools to promote a political candidate. I would be very proud if some of those kids where allowed to be up front and protest him. I doubt they would be allowed, and I am sure no one will let them.

This event is in Bulter County, but Warren county schools are getting out early. Lakota Schools can claim to be doing so for traffic, but no Warren County? I also hope that Lakota bands and choir members are not performing as the public school groups. Again, this is a political event. Kids are likely forced or at a least enticed to take part in the event, all to the benefit of Bush's political event.

I don't mind parents pulling out their kids, but the schools should not make it easier for Bush to hold a political event.

I hope we get some protest coverage. I hope people were let in, even though they wore Kerry T-Shirts. I hope no one was rude or broke any laws.

UPDATE: Hegmo points out that a high school band in Columbus performed at a Kerry event. That was totally wrong as well. Kids should not be used by schools or school officials for politics. Let their parents exploit them.

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