Wednesday, September 15, 2004

One-Party Rule

Why are the Dems so weak in this county not even mount a candidate for every office? Why is Simon Leis running unopposed? Sure, the people in this country are way too stupid to actually understand the guy is a fascist, which they may in reality like, but that should not keep the Dems from putting someone up on the ballot for the hell o f it.

Some say it is because unless you are self-employed you face ruining your career if you don't follow the rule of the GOP. I don't think I face that in the big corporation I work at, but I don't think it would help me any. Also, people want money and you don't make much as a public official. Unless you have money you can't afford to run. Locally the GOP has the money and fund their candidates and the Dems don't have the bread to win, well that and people are just too stupid to know any better. With a local media that brainwashes people it does not surprise that no one understand or cares what happens as long as nothing happens to them.

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