Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bronson's Backlash

I wonder if people should be fired, say Conservatives, who reported the lies that John Kerry was having an affair? Bronson wants Dan Rather's hide because he does not perform journalistic fellatio on George Bush. Why not fire people for reporting lies about John Kerry? Where's the boycott of FOX News? Oh, right, they are conservative news, therefore exempt from Bronson's scorn.

I wonder if Bronson avoided Vietnam like Bush did. I wonder if Bronson would see his war mongering now as a guilt ridden reaction to being a wimp 30 years ago.

It is amazing how people complain about something and then ignore it when their side does the same thing. I am sure I have done that, but guess what, I am a pissant. I don't do this for a living. I am not professional journalist. Bronson is, but does not give a shit. He wants everyone else to pay the piper but when he reports bullshit about John Kerry, no one but me say a damn word in this town. Why don't we call for Bronson to be fired? Oh right, the Enquirer has to appease the right-wing or face a boycott. Hmm, I guess I shall call Bronson's boycott of CBS as Boycott C.

UPDATE: From JC in Comments retorting Jack:
"It's about a prestigious major News network based in the USA that used forged documents without proper objective evaluation which if believed by the voting public could bring down a President."

What about an Administration that used forged documents without proper objective evaluation which if believed by the public could lead to support for an unjust war? Do we really appreciate the magnitude and danger of such behaviour? Have you completely forgotten all the lies we were told before the war in Iraq? Bush used forged documents to convince the world that Iraq had tried to buy nuclear materials from Niger. They knew the documents were forgeries. Cheney knew, the CIA knew, Joe Wilson knew. They used them anyway.
So which is more dangerous? Rather using forged documents to show a spoiled rich kid getting special treatment during Vietnam? Or Bush using forgeries, fully aware that they are forgeries, to lead us to a pointless war where thousands of people will dies and create mass chaos in Iraq?

Plus, Bush still doesn't deny the content of the CBS memos. He went AWOL in the guard to drink alot and snort coke. He's a military deserter.
I don't bring comments to blog often, but I felt like it.

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