Monday, June 16, 2003

West End Community Members Push For Private Security
We have a police force. If there is a special need in a neighborhood, then add more police coverage. If people want private protection, then local businesses can pay for it themselves like every other business does. When bars have off duty cops working outside most of them are paid by the bar or local business association. Set up something similar, but don't use public funds to pay for it. If only public funds are available, then instead hire more police. Outsourced police forces will not fly. The other idea that is often floated to quell West End or OTR crime/violence is hiring the Nation of Islam's private security firm to patrol the streets. Subsidizing a hate group is the last thing the City of Cincinnati should be doing. The bad apple bigots in the CPD are bad enough. Adding racists will just increase the racial conflict. If people only want "black" security firms because they think only "blacks" can secure “blacks”, which some have professed, then those people are professing racist beliefs. Appeasing that racism will become a permanent City policy. I hope the racist vote is not such a big key to Mallory’s or Cooper’s successful political future.

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