Thursday, June 19, 2003

Trent Lott's Ohio
How soon do we forget? Senator DeWine`s Annual Ice Cream Social is detailed as follows:
Date: June 22, 2003
Time: 1PM-5PM
Special Guests: Senator and Mrs. Trent Lott
Location: DeWine Farm, Cedarville
Contact: Barbara Schenck (937) 376-3080
The Boycott B (CJC) has issued a press release stating they will be protesting the event. Nate has invited the likes of Rev. Al. Sharpton, Kweisi Mfume, Jerry Springer and Ohio Senate candidate Eric Fingerhut, to join the protest. Odds are that Sharpton, Mfume, and Springer will be no shows, but if Eric Fingerhut wants the black vote in the primary, he might do well to go. This will be a long haul for Nate and company. Cedarville is northeast of Xenia, but is located relative close to Central State and Antioch, both schools might actually provide a significant number of protestors, assuming a large enough population of kids are still on campus. If the protests only amounts to the usual suspects from the Boycott B, then it will be a laugher, and attract no attention. The most ironic thing is that racists are protesting a man accused of being a racist. Lott's statements are tame compared to those of the "Black Fist" and other CJC allied groups, who are admitted black nationalists/separatists and racists. The boycott B's tactics do take a new low from their press release:
”CJC leader Nathaniel Livingston, Jr. also questions Senator DeWine’s commitment to family values. Livingston has filed suit to gain access to the divorce records of Senator DeWine’s son, Pat DeWine, a member of Cincinnati City Council. In the Complaint, Livingston accuses Senator DeWine of threatening a local television reporter, John Damschroder, for attempting to report on Pat DeWine’s extramaritial [sic] affair with an African American woman.”
Nate has reached a whole new level of scumbag with that kind of action.

Back to DeWine and Lott. It is very unseemly for Mike DeWine to be hanging around with Trent Lott. DeWine just perpetuates the GOP's reputation as being soft on bigotry. There are 50 other Senators DeWine could have asked to visit, in place of Lott. If Mike thinks he has to get out the KKK vote to help Voinovich beat Jerry Springer, then I think he might be a bit paranoid. At this point Springer is a weak candidate and Voinovich is moderate/libertarian enough to hold on to the middle of the road voter. The Democrats should be all over this, but will they drop the ball. The question that should be on everyone's lips: will State Senator Doug White join his compatriot in shame Trent Lott? White's comments about Jews placed in the same league with Lott, but it did not cost him his leadership position. Will the two of them cost the GOP any votes? I wonder....

UPDATE: Link to the CJC's press release.
UPDATE#2: The Ice Cream Social made the Dayton Daily News, but no mention of Trent Lott, not even a mention. A cancellation or an omission?

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