Monday, June 09, 2003

Ministers block removal of Commandments
Theocracy in Action! It appears the School officials or School Board and the County Sheriff did not do their duties. These people impeded a public school from doing its business, which was complying with court order. How could this not be something these fascists could be arrested for? Trespassing, disturbing the peace, protesting on public property without a permit are all possible laws they could have been arrested for. Instead politics weighs in on the situation. The school board and sheriff want to get reelected. Nice. I love it when small town bumpkins can scoff at the law with no recompense. Someone should get a contempt of court citation for this.

This action proves conclusively that placing the Biblical 10 commandments on these school's lawns had a religious purpose. This group is forcing everyone to adhere to their religion, and have ignored the law to do it. I am disgusted by this action. I am all for the individual's right to practice any religion in anyway they choose, as long as it does not infringe on other's rights. These religious zealots want to force people to accept their religion's law more powerful than the American Rule of Law.

As expected Bill Cunningham of WLW is acting irresponsibly and is allowing a kook from Adams County on the air claiming there will be a “fight” to keep the commandments on school grounds. Cunningham’s act of ginning up the dolts of Adams country has potentially dire results. The tone of the man was implying to me that he meant a physical fight, not a figurative one. Based on the prior actions by the other zealots earlier today, it can only be concluded this man is willing to attack people who are following the law, by removing the stone commandments. How “Christian” of him to say such. How “American” of him to reject the rule of law, and instead embrace mob rules. If this is any sign of things to come, then future political confrontations in the coming years are headed to more violent outcomes.

UPDATE: WLW is reporting that some arrests may have been made at one location.

UPDATE #2: WLWT updates the story stating that 10 people were arrested. WLWT indicated that only 10 of the reported 400 protesting were arrested because police did not have enough jail space. One of four stone monuments was removed. Protestors claimed they were going to "guard" the remaining three stone structures. I am using the term "protestor" generously in my opinion, but the article used it correctly in an objective manner.

UPDATE #3: WCPO, ONN, the Canton Repository and of course FOX News's story. Can FOX go a day without covering this type of story?

UPDATE #4: The Enquirer's followup.

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