Sunday, June 08, 2003

Let people decide on flag desecration
Ok, I guess this person would not have a problem with a constitutional amendment outlawing Christianity. The conflict with the first amendment means little to him, we can just wipe away certain elements of religious freedom. Wait, he is a Christian? Well, if the "people" decided to change the law, then I guess he is SOL. This part took the cake:
"The notion that flag burning is rare is not an issue, and if the Enquirer was to follow this mind-set they need to withdraw editorial opinion (April 9, 2003) that cross burning, which occurs far more infrequently than flag burning, should be illegal. Our laws are based on right and wrong, not frequency of occurrence. "
I wonder if this moron can tell me the last time a flag was burned? I have not heard of it happening anywhere around here, and we all dame well that FOX News would carry it live it happened. What we have seen locally within the last year right here in Southwest Ohio is a cross burning up near Oxford. So no, Mr. Marty Justis, if that is your real name, I don't think you can claim flag burnings happen more than cross burnings. I don't think you can claim that historically most definitively. What I think you should worry about is property rights. If I own a flag, it is my property. Does Mr. Justis want to infringe on my property rights? If that is the case, then I think a few of his fellow conservatives might have a beef with him. It is now against the law to burn a flag you don't own or don't have the permission to burn, and in some places you can only burn things on private property, with permission of the owner. Those obstacles are more than enough to preserves this guy myth of meaning in a his cloth. If he wants to ban something, why not ban the burning of books? Or better yet, ban the burning of the constitution.

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