Monday, June 23, 2003

Trent Lott No-Show
Trent Lott was missing from Senator Mike DeWine Ice Cream Social yesterday, but that did not keep the Boycott B from protesting in full force, all 5 of them. The Dayton Daily News covered the event and talked with the protestors. A "Nathaniel Lewis" was quoted “We tried to get here earlier, but there was a lot of traffic,” trying to explain their late arrival to the event. I am not sure if "Nathaniel Lewis" is Nate Livingston's new nom de plume or if the reporter has bad hearing. The event was nothing special, and without Trent Lott, DeWine saves a little face. I wonder if Lott did not show, or if DeWine asked him not to show. We will never know that. I wonder if the Boycott B gang was able to all fit into one car or since they all are leaders of there own little "groups" they each drove separately. Nothing about them surprises me anymore.

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