Tuesday, June 24, 2003

The Preacher Who Cried Wolf
The Rev. Damon Lynch III is crying racism in Forest Park. His son, Lynch IV, got a speeding ticket. That's right, a speeding ticket. He was not shot. He was not assaulted. He was not threatened with physical harm. He was asked to exit his car, and it was then searched. Jay Love, of 1230 the Buzz, said on his radio show today that Rev. Lynch was crying wolf. Jay Love lives in Forest Park. Jay Love knows of no one who has been racially profiled by the Forest Park police. Damon Lynch III is "pimping" his son for a payday. More than one caller on Jay Love's show asked if Damon Lynch would be protesting the next time someone else's child was stop by police in Mason or Blue Ash. I would expect Lynch to sit on his hands, unless he can grab some free money, or at least a little free publicity.

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