Thursday, June 26, 2003

Cincinnati's Worst Racist/Bigot
No, it is not the police Chief, nor anyone in the Police Department. It is not the Mayor, who is gets a bad rap from "activists." The worst racist/bigot is not even white. There are several local racists who are as bad in their beliefs, but they not as much of a concern because they are not taken seriously by anyone. The worst racist/bigot in Cincinnati wrote the following letter to the editors of City Beat:Gay Play Should Be Condemned
The gay community in Cincinnati wants special rights and wants to be accepted as a new race. A lot of people say, "OK, that's cool, to each his own. It's about tolerance -- if you tolerate my lifestyle, I'll tolerate yours. Hey, that's equal and equal is cool."

But with the play Corpus Christi, the gays have gone too damn far (The Play's a Protest, Too, issue of June 18-24). I can't tolerate this shit -- excuse my French -- portraying Jesus and the disciples as gay. I'll have you know that Jesus is a black man, and He sho' ain't gay!

The nerve of those assholes organizing that play. It should be condemned by Christians and Muslims alike. I condemn it as a black militant, and that's why there's been a protest every day of the play's run.

Who will they portray as gay next? Will it be Moses, David, Solomon or Mary the mother of Jesus, or will it be Dr. Martin Luther King?

The gays have gone too far, and they can kiss my ass. No, I take that back -- they might enjoy that. We will not tolerate the Anti-Christ.

-- Gen. Kabaka Oba, The Black Fist
Kabaka Oba is the worst racist/bigot in Cincinnati because he can write this letter, but feel little heat for his views from other blacks, especially those in the black community seeking "social justice." I think Oba is considered a joke privately by nearly everyone in the city, but he makes great video for the media, great audio for radio, and great copy for the newspaper, so he is only condemned by the likes of Peter Bronson, Mike McConnell, and yours truely. You will notice 2 of the 3 are conservatives and only 1 (me) is a liberal. That is a sorry example for an ideology that claims to be the leader in fighting bigotry and racism. Jay Love recently began openly chastising Oba, but others on his radio station still give him airtime without rebuke. Other media outlets have allowed Oba to stand out as an activist, but when the KKK comes to town they are reported as evil incarnate. We have someone as bad as the KKK in our media weekly, but he is treated with legitimacy that allows his messages of hate to grow.

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