Wednesday, June 11, 2003

'Shame the Devil': Hal McKinney and the shooting at Junker's Tavern
An ingaging column from Kathy Y. Wilson of City Beat. Kathy gives a thickly rich taste of Hal McKinny the "Northside Vigilante." Kathy paints McKinny as an honest man with a crystal focus against crime in his neighborhood. He comes across a little sad, and very creepy. I want to say he is obsessed, but Kathy's tone is a relaxed one, and she seemed to be a bit impressed. I think she expected him to be the devil, but instead pulled the curtain to find just a man, flawed yet credibly wise. The bulletproof vest would have been to much for me to handle, even more than having guns lying around a house with 6 year old kid. Needing a vest is not the kind of life I would want, and not want to be around. Kathy gets extra credit for courage in that regard.

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