Saturday, June 28, 2003

Bush Needs $incinnati
The Cincinnati Enquirer reports:
"Of the top 20 most lucrative ZIP codes for Bush's 2000 campaign, three were in Cincinnati. The one that provided the most money was 45243 - Indian Hill, the verdant home of the Tristate's elite. "
One would think this kind of support would bring more federal dollars back to this area, but it doesn't. Because this area is so one party dominated, none of the local congressman, Chabot and Portman, need to bring home the bacon. The GOP does not have to do anything to get their man elected in this reigon, beyond putting a name on the ballot, airing a few commericals, and making the Democrat look like a baby killing communist. I think GOP City Councilman Chris Monzel might be taking a page from that playbook. I expect his West Sider ploy to come up after Council's summer recess.

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