Friday, June 13, 2003

A crime beyond words
Well, Peter found a few words to use for his column. Is this fire and brimstone week at the Church of Bronson? Peter's false leap in this column is right from the CCV's fascist in chief, Phil Burress. Peter claims pornography causes or leads to "kiddie porn." This is totally unsubstantiated, and completely false. Peter brings out this old and trite propaganda:
Porn peddlers who get filthy rich on it often get away with the myth that "it's a victimless crime."
Peter, "kiddie porn" is horrible. Those are messing with it should be locked up for a long time. Those producing it should be locked up for good. Using the victims of kiddie porn as your tools in your puritanical crusade against pornography is sickening to me. Peter, if you want to attack the scum who abuse children, I will applaud you. If you want to exploit those children's victim hood for an unrelated cause, I condemn your callousness, as well as your closed minded moralizing. If you can't find the words, Peter, I think you should refrain from writing.

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