Friday, June 20, 2003

BUZZ Boycott?
The Cincinnati Business Courier is reporting that WIZF-FM (100.9) and WDBZ-AM (1230) will be moving their offices and presumably their studios to Centennial Plaza on Central Avenue, which is across from City Hall. The move is slated to take place in October. The problem this brings is that both radio stations will be in the boycott zone. Will the Boycott Groups (A and/or B) modify their moving target boycott and not call for a listening boycott of the BUZZ and the WIZ come October? Is this a plot by the "man" (I guess I am one of them) to break the boycott? Is the BUZZ merely a pawn in the white man's oppression of the black man? (cough, cough). It couldn't have anything to do with Lincoln Ware wanting to save gas money by not having to drive to City Council meetings, could it?

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