Sunday, June 29, 2003

The Katie Couric of Cincinnati
John Kiesewetter provides us with a fluffy profile of Sheila Gray, morning co-anchor of WXIX-TV's morning news program. John provides a nice profile of Mrs. Gray, which for a TV reporter is not out of the ordinary. He does mention her husband, Ric Robinson, and summarized his career, but John left out Mr. Robinson's horrible run as early afternoon talk radio host on WLW-AM. Ric was a horrible host. Now, I have a low opinion of most talk radio hosts, but Ric was the worst WLW has put on as a regular host that I ever heard. He lasted several months, but Bill Cunningham was moved to the afternoons, which, I hate to admit, was an improvement.

All in all Sheila is a light, bubbly person, who like Katie Couric can be very very annoying. She does what she does well. Morning shows are just infotainment now a days, but it is good that her show is local. It provides local people more opportunity to reach the local audience directly. Katie Couric can't do that. As long as people understand what they are watching is mostly entertainment, mixed with some news, then I hope 19 in the Morning continues providing live locally based content as long as Raycom finds it profitable.

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