Sunday, June 22, 2003

Walnut Hills High School
WCPO's I-Team has a follow-up their story from last month where they claimed the Principal, Marvin Koenig, was not operating admission standards according to Cincinnati Public Schools policy. The new report brings up fresh allegations about grade changing by the Principal, another violation of policy. Reporter Stephen Hill also brought forth the charge that one student got into the highly regarding Walnut Hills High School in part to a financial donation the student’s family allegedly made to a new building addition at the school. According to the I-Team, CPS Administration officials may release more information on these allegations as soon as this week.

I do not know what to make of this incident. This is, after all local TV news. The issues appear to be singular actions. No evidence of wide spread violations was provided. Only a handful of occurrences were aired, so any violations reported are small and in any reasonable school system are understandable. Rules are not absolute. Sometimes things change for reasons that may make more sense than the dramatic I-Team music would lead you to believe. This issue of the possible quid pro quo is a serious question that if proven true should cost someone their job.

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