Saturday, June 28, 2003

Dennis Miller: Latest Horse's Ass
When did Dennis Miller loose all credibility? Is he a born again Christian now too? He once was a good comic who was on the rational side of the society, but now he has drunk the kool-aide.

I have no problem with people being conservatives, but Dennis Miller used to see all politicians as bullshit artists. Somehow Bush is not a bullshiter? I know that hardcore conservatives worship Bush, so they buy into his propaganda, but Miller had some credibility with a pox on both your houses attitude, trusting no one. How can Miller, a smart man, trust Bush? I do not get it.

His career is now toast. It is one thing to give money to the GOP, or even openly support socially moderate Republicans, but to shill for the right wing's messiah is the kiss of death in Hollywood. I don't see Miller as winning over the hard-core GOP crowd either. He was hated by the Budweiser crowd on Monday Night Football, so I don't see the hardcore Freeper crowd coming out in droves now that Dennis is Bush's toast master. I guess he will have to scrap the Ambrose Bierce and Immanuel Kant jokes, and stick with the "death to Democrats" crowd pleasers. That's the news, and I am outta here!

UPDATE: Andrew Cline at comments on Miller's addition to the campaign.

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