Saturday, June 28, 2003

Enquirer Responds to FOP Charges
Well, not directly, but via a small article in their Tristate A.M. Report.
Police group says it wants reporter fired

The Fraternal Order of Police demanded the firing of a Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Friday over allegations regarding local restaurateur Jeff Ruby.

The reporter, acting on a tip, had asked Ruby if he offered free meals to police investigating his son.

But Ruby never made the offer, he and the FOP said in a joint news conference Friday. FOP Vice President Keith Fangman alleged that the reporter fabricated the tip to get Ruby to comment on charges against his son.

Brandon Ruby, 19, was indicted June 10 on charges of aggravated rioting and attempted arson in connection with a Cinco de Mayo party near the University of Cincinnati that got out of control.

Enquirer Editor Tom Callinan said: "A reporter asked some questions about some rumors we had heard. But there didn't appear to be anything to the story, so we dropped it."
So the Enquirer stands by their reporter, and presumably will not fire Robert Anglen. He was doing his job and asking about a rumor. The Enquirer did not report the rumor, the FOP reported the rumor. Ruby's image has been damaged, not by the press, but by the police. I am torn by the placement of this story in the newspaper. I would have made it a bigger story; one standing alone, but keeping it low key is an interesting PR choice. I think this will put an end to the story. Fangman got his TV coverage. Ruby got is reputation as a less than honest person reinforced, and the Enquirer is slightly embarrassed. A good news day for Cincinnati.

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