Thursday, June 19, 2003

DeWine Has a Point?
It is an election year for Cincinnati City Council. That of course means that City Council members will be doing and saying things to try and get elected. Pat DeWine is clamoring about the method in which Council plans on paying for the cost of settling the "racial profiling" lawsuits. DeWine's beef is that instead of fitting the cost into the budget now, most on Council want to issue bonds for it now, and after the election offset the cost of the bonds against unknown budget items. For once I agree with DeWine. If council is going to settle the lawsuits, they should announce to the city what is going to be cut to pay for it. If certain programs, summer jobs programs for example, have to be cut, then let us know now. I am sure the money being to spent to keep Kroger downtown will no doubt drive the boycotter's bonkers, as well as the transnational progressives over at CityBeat. They should be thankful that Kroger is not going to walk away. The nearly 1,200 jobs at the Kroger HQ would be impossible to replace, and so would the tax revenue it creates.

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