Friday, June 27, 2003

A Steak for a Break?
Did Jeff Ruby try to bribe police officers into dropping charges or overlooking actions by his son Brandon? WCPO reports that a reporter from the Enquirer has a source or sources inside the police department stating that Ruby offered police officer(s) with gift certificates to his restaurants in exchange for dropping the charges against his son. Lincoln Ware of 1230 the Buzz stated on his radio program that the Enquirer reporter indicated that Ruby offered 2 detectives the gift certificates. No information on the names of reporter's or the detectives/officers in question.

The big oddity that caught my eye was that Ruby and the FOP held what appeared to have given a joint press conference to deny these allegations. Why would the FOP get involved? Is Jeff Ruby a big FOP booster? My only speculation is that the officers in question did accept the gift certificates for reduced charges, but not a full walk. Why would Ruby hold a press conference when WCPO indicates, "Ruby has filed a complaint against the officers." If Ruby has filed a complaint against any officer, why is the FOP helping him?

Kudos goes out to WCPO's web reporters for adding this caveat to the story:
Disclosure: The Enquirer is the television and Internet partner of WCPO.
In the world of media consolidation and partnerships, it is good to see some honesty prevails to help uphold the ethical standards journalism.

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