Friday, June 27, 2003

A Steak for a Break II
WCPO has an updated story with an interview with Jeff Ruby. Also, the video of the press conference is here. This whole story makes no sense. Why they hell did the FOP get involved? Why did they call the press conference? The Enquirer did not even print a story on the topic. It appears Fangman has the need to stick it to the reporter alleged to be involved, Robert Anglen. According to Fangman the reporter was interviewed by the Internal investigation. Fangman is full of shit here. There is no reason to hold a press conference, except to tar the local press. Fangman has some kind of personal grudge against this reporter, his "unnamed" sources, and the entire Enquirer. Fangman must not like it when he reads stories with like these:
Police review themselves when citizens complain
Profiling settlement approved Don't shoot the messenger on that one, Fangman.
Angry crowd demands answers
Police, fire chief selection questioned
Initial findings may not support officer's actions
Feds study police practices
I guess anyone reporting anything negative about the Cincinnati Police gets attacked by the FOP. Fangman disgusts me. He lays it on thick with is weepy odes to his "fallen" detectives, that NO ONE WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT IF HE HAD NOT HELD A PRESS CONFERENCE.

It will be interesting to the Enquirer's reaction to this. Their comment as relayed in the WCPO story reads:
The Enquirer never published anything about what the FOP and Ruby claim happened and they released this statement saying the "reporter asked some questions and we determined there was no story...that was the end of it."
I have to laugh at one big point. What I guess happened here was that the report had a guess what might have happened and tried to fish out a response. He may have been on to something, but it was surely covered up by now. This tactic is what police and prosecutors do all the time. The lie and manipulate suspects into reacting and making a mistake. The reporter did the same thing. Anglen does not deserve to be fired for doing what police do every day. He may need to question his instincts or in case he was right, he better learn how to get his sources to be firmer, before going in to get the reaction quote from subject of his reporting.

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