Friday, June 27, 2003

Enquirer Weekend Memos
Let it be known for ever that Linda Cagnetti, Enquirer Editorial Board Member, does not support the right to choose:
"As long as abortion on demand is legal, the more informed everybody is about it, the better. Women making this 'choice' especially need to know everything that's known. "
Ms. Cagnetti supports the recent efforts of Norma McCorvey to try and restart the Roe v. Wade case. McCorvey was the "Roe" of that case, seeking an abortion. She has since become the poster woman of the fanatical anti-abortion movement. There is nothing to debate, at least rationally, about abortion. The positions are well known. What Ms. Cagnetti seeks to do is to put the issue in the media and then have the propagandists do their job. That is not debate, that is verbal mud wrestling.

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