Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Welcome to a Police State

It is beyond the words the contempt I feel toward some idiots in the Customs Department for seizing art. How long have customs agents been seizing personal property and just add a note to the bag they pilfered? If these items were a threat, why did they not seize the person along with the information, or maybe at least interview him after they took it and tell him they took it?

I hope that happened, but based on the article, the artist did not know the items were gone until the day after they were taken.

Now, this situation is on top of the ludicrousness of finding these items, as the article quoted it, "in some way be harmful if imported into the U.S." Hell, anything could be harmful if imported. A pants suit from Italy could hang a man for goodness sake! Block all flights from Milan, or we area all going to die.

Nail clippers, anyone?

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