Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Expo Store In Oakley On Hold

The Expo Store, a Home Depot division, slated to be built in Oakley looks like it will not be built at all. Home Depot is stating they are evaluating the Expo store line and will not go forward with any new locations during that evaluation period. I think that means in real terms, they can't afford to build any stores right now or it means that the Expo locations are failing a business model and either will be scrapped or retooled. The land for the store is cleared. I hope Home Depot does not hold it hostage. The new retail center going up the Oakley area needs a full allotment of big box retail as a support ring to make the shopping experience work. That is what I think makes the Easton Town Center in Columbus work well, better than Newport on the Levee.

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