Tuesday, February 15, 2005

UC Student Looking to run for Council

Robert Wilson, a third year UC student is running for Cincinnati City Council. He has the website up, and has already raised $1,000 towards the effort and is looking to raise $10,000. He will need every penny he can get. He faces a mammoth mountain to win. He is a suburban transplant and lives downtown, so that shows a level of commitment to the city. His youth is a killer for him. Nick Spencer was hurt by that last time, and this kid, and at 21 I hope he does not take offence at that label, will face more negatives because of his age. On the other hand he is young enough for that fact to actually gain a little press attention for just that reason. If I were in his shoes I would play up being young, and look to exploit it. It can't hurt pointing out the obvious, especially when everyone else does. Pull a Regan and beat the press to the punch on the age issue, just do it with a joke and honesty that he lacks experience. He can point out that the most people on council are not older than he is, just don’t piss off Crowley or Tarbell.

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