Saturday, February 05, 2005

Good Old Nate

Here is the Nate that people know. His screed against Greg Korte, the Enquirer CITY HALL beat reporter, is classic racism from Nate:
And look how the press, especially the Enquirer's Greg Korte, treats proposals introduced by African Americans. Yesterday State Senator Mark Mallory introduced a proposal to abolish the elected Cincinnati Public School Board and replace it with one appointed by the Mayor. (I'll share my views on this in a separate blog entry.) Now, Luken and Council Member David Pepper hadn't seen the proposal but Korte called them for a comment. Of course, they both dismissed Mallory's initiative.

Why did Korte quote these two white guys? Two reasons. First, because they were white. Christopher Smitherman, Charles Winburn and Alicia Reece have all expressed interest in running for mayor. Why isn't their opinion on Mallory's education proposal important? Second, Korte always runs to a white politican[sic] who has something negative to say about a Black politician. You don't think so? Why didn't he ask State Representative Tom Brinkman for his view? Could it be that Brinkman (whose opinion counts because he has a vote on the issue) might actually agree with Mallory and you wouldn't want to see that now would you? If the issue is race or police they can find the Black candidates but they aren't interested in their views on education or finance. That's just wrong. (Before anyone gives me that crap about Pepper and Mallory being the only "official" candidates, keep this in mind -- Mallory has been an "official" candidate for months but Korte constantly seeks out Pepper and quotes him in the paper (always reminding readers that he is running).)
If Nate wants to call Korte a racist, he should just come and say it. It would be an outright lie, but hemming and hawing about something like that makes one look like they are forcing it. If you are going to play the race card, don't you at least try and look like you are not playing the race card? Also, did Nate not consider the possibility that Korte called all three people mentioned, but they didn't return his calls? Also, why doesn't Korte ask Brinkman for a comment? Simple, Korte is not on the STATEHOUSE beat. Also, shouldn't Korte have quoted Brinkman? I mean Tom is as "white" as they come around here. He is the "white man's" "White Man."

Nate might, just might want to consider that Korte gets quotes from Pepper because either Pepper has the money to pay a good PR guy or David just really has a lot of time to spend responding to reporters. The other three also have had dirty laundry raised about them by the press and likely are a bit more hesitant to talk to the press with anything not scripted grandstanding.

I think Nate was really pissed because, well, Greg didn't call him for a comment. Last I knew Greg didn't work for the AP, and therefore doesn't have Nate's number on speed-dial.

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