Monday, February 07, 2005

Controversy Lingers

If those honoring troops up in Warren County want to avoid controversy:
'We didn't want this to be anything controversial,' said Regina Herbolt, Robby's mother.

'Whether we should be there or not, human lives were lost.'

After the crosses were cleared, Hesler addressed the scouts in front of what used to be the memorial - now a bare field, muddy and sunken with holes.

'I hope you guys remember the people who helped keep you free, OK?' he said. 'Don't forget them, all right?'
Why did they decided to remove them once the Iraqi "election" past? Why not at leave them up to next Memorial Day? I guess the Cub Scouts unit, Pack 452, are learning to be good little Republicans by adhering to GOP propaganda.

I know what you are thinking, the parents are too subtle to know the symbolism of what they are doing, and I say, no, they knowing chose to remove them after the Iraqi "elections" thinking that someone ended everything. They can now wash their hands and move on, just don't forget them, all right?


  1. I was one of the Vets that helped them. They used our crosses, just as we do without respect or disrespect to any religion.

    They were supposed to be there 3 weeks, requests from the community left them up longer, but by election day, the flags were showing the wear, and there were not enough (1600) flags left in the county to replace them all.

    They were not left up til Memorial day because grass does grow and needs to be mowed. Most were back up Memorial Day, along with the Vietnam era Tristate casualties. the whole thing should be up again next veterans Day, hopefully not too many more crosses will be needed.

    The crosses used were given to returnin OEF/OIF vets as a special rememberance for their fallen brothers.

    Idiots, I doubt it. Get a life, support our troops, make a difference.


  2. May I also add, there was an effort this year to get names of Jewish casualties. Very difficult as DOD does not even put religion on dog tags since ID as a Jew could mean severe retribution if captured or killed in Iraq. We did obtain several names of fallen Jewish soldiers, but the source of the names felt it would be better to honor them as American Soldiers.

    Stop by. It's a beautiful site for reflection, putting names to the casualties, and recognizing their sacrifice.

    2297 and unfortunately growing.


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