Thursday, February 03, 2005

Owensby Melee

It is no surprise to me that Deters will not retry Jorg in the Roger Owensby case. The same day the father and brother of Owensby got in to a shouting match in the courtroom of Patrick Caton, who was involved in a hearing about being reinstated to the CPD after being fired for his involvement in the Owensby case.

The ‘shouting match’ sounds like it was a stunt to gain media attention when you read this portion of the article from the Post:
"We were the ones calling (Caton) a punk -- murderer because that is what he is," said Victoria Straughn, one of those with Owensby.
Straughn heads "The Coalition of Concerned Citizens For Justice" which is one of the various Boycott A groups.

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