Sunday, February 20, 2005

East End Development Plan

This plan is huge. The question is will the plan become reality? The best part of the whole thing:
"We're not asking for any public financing," Stewart said.
The bad news is that some families will likely either have their leases terminated, or if they are owners, they might face the eminent domain issue. The only thing different about this area, compared to the Norwood ED mess, is that makes in the East End ED more likely and more palatable because the area is in a flood zone, and those who lived in the area back in 1997 were displaced because of flooding, and likely suffered significant damage. This might be a good chance from them to make a good profit on their property.

I am skeptical that this plan will go beyond the proposal stage. I also worry about traffic. That part of the city is jam packed with two roads, Eastern/Kellogg Ave and Columbia Parkway. The Delta Interchange would become a parking lot if more money, or better yet a rail station, is not put into improving the roads in the area. That would require public funds that are not anywhere to found right now.

SOC and the Nati have more.

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