Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mark Mallory PSA?

What is with the Mark Mallory Public Service Announcements on TV? These are not something sponsored by any government agency, they appear to be paid for by Senator Mallory himself. These are not labeled as campaign commercials, but in all practical purposes they are. They talk about snow storm damages and people who may qualify for state assistance. This is a shrewd move. He might even have been able to use official state funds for this, since the purpose was basically communications with constituents. He gets his face on the air and in the minds of possible voters.

It might be wise for him to report how these commercials were paid for. They are called a PSA, so could they be virtually free from Time Warner? Only production costs? They are running quite often to be an actual PSA. I think I have seen it about 10 times over the last few days, on various cable channels.

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