Friday, February 11, 2005

Hartmann In Race for Secretary of State

Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, Greg Hartmann (R), has tossed his hat into the fire pit and has chosen to run for Ohio Secretary of State. He will not leave office while running for the primary, which is a shame ethically, but not strategically. That of course means he can bail out if someone else gets in the race. It also means that the People of Hamilton County do not have to have yet another person appointed to an elected office, at least for now. I have heard no other names being tossed around in public for either the GOP or Dems to run for Secretary of State. Locally people might throw out the names of Reece and Luken. I think Reece will run statewide for something, but Charlie is the wildcard. He is often perceived as damaged goods. He has the conservative Democrat rep to actually be a contender, if he had the desire and the willingness to build a strong team to run things on the ground. The Democrats in Ohio seem to me to not have the party loyalty, which I can fully understand as a registered Independent, need to when it comes to the organization working on the ground, which hurts come election time.

If the Ohio group that worked for Kerry last year, worked for a Coleman or even a Springer for Governor, then against Blackwell, Petro, or Montgomery, they would have at worst an even money chance of winning.

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