Sunday, February 20, 2005

Pepper vs. Raussen

This morning on 'Newsmakers,' Dan Hurley hosted a hot and tense debate between Councilman, and Mayoral Candidate, David Pepper and State House Member James Raussen on the use of cameras at stoplights to issue traffic tickets by mail. The debate centered on whether or not House Bill 56 is valid and why it is being enacted. Both guys were going at it tooth and nail, more like a Crossfire episode, rather than a community affairs program.

The Bill bans the use of cameras as a means to enforce traffic laws. I am not one keen on traffic light cameras. Traffic laws are the "crimes" we should be putting resources into; instead we should be attacking violent crime. I don't know if I like big state government taking over cities either though. What happened to local control, Tom Brinkman?

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