Thursday, February 03, 2005

State of the Union

I did not watch it and I have not read it either. I have only heard the highlights on the news and some of the after speech spin. I normally watch it no matter what, but last night I turn off the TV and listened to music for an hour. I did not feel like shouting at the TV screen. Based on what I have heard so far Bush was Bush. What I have heard leads me to believe that on Social Security he has promised to pull a rabbit out of his ass. He has not said how, and has not promised the rabbit will be living when he does. That sums things up about his plan to phase out Social Security. I will post more on SSA, the lies Bush told about it, and the impending propaganda blitz in the coming weeks.

The politicizing of Iraq was complete. Last night is all about politics and spinning the Presidential Legacy. He claimed credit in both image and most clearly in tone. That was not a shock. It is his MO. Say you did something with symbolism, and trust that a lazy media and ignorant public will not bother checking or caring if you live up to what you said.

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